About Optimas

Optimas was founded in 1978 by Graduate Engineer, Mr Harald Engineer, Mr Harald Kleinmas in Saterland-Ramsloh. It is now being headed by his son, Mr friedich Kleinmas(Graduate Engineer).

The enterprise was initiated by Mr Harald Kleinmas when he had to lay garden pavers. It was later he developed ideas to create machines to lay pavers faster and economical on gardens, patios, driveways, roads etc and T33 was created.

With the development of technologies, different models of machines such as H88 and T11 have come into existance. Also new models have also come for soil preparation, sand filling between interlock blocks/ stones and cleaning of paver surfaced roads. This range of products provides operators ergonomics which help in faster and economic laying process.

Today, the Optimas Maschinenfabrik H. Kleinemas GmbH stands out with a global service and distribution network and a production plant with 13.400 sq.m of hall space and can look back upon many years of market leadership within the sector for machines directed at the rationalization and humanization of paving sites. In other words, the "Paving Technology Specialist"

About Consmech

Consmech is a new company formed by Deep Shah. Like many young person, we strive to provide innovative solutions to solve the current infrastructure deficit of India.

In India, paver blocks are being laid manually . with the intoduction of paver laying machines we can lay paver blocks faster and more economical

About Deep Shah

Deep Shah is a very good planner with medium learning skills. He has a hugh passion for knowledge and believed in implementing each and every things which he has learnt.

He did his mechanical engineering from sardar vallabhbhai national institute of technology. In his quest for knowledge he participated in various technical events like IIT shaastra, udghosh, Mind bend and tried to learn operation management.

Operation Management is a vital components in modern day companies as it revolves around the economics and quality of any activitiy.

After that , he has worked for4.5 years in Telcon/Tata-Hitachi construction equipment company limited. From Telcon he had learnt about solving various technical problems of customers in construction site and also the key features which an operator/customer values.

Based on this experience, he is trying to introduce new technology in India so that it becomes an infrastructure-surplus country.