Vacu Mobile E


Vacu MobileE ,an electric powered machine is used to lay kerbs, concrete slabs, washed concrete slabs , large cobbles, gutter slabs etc (upto 100kg) and retaining walls for building construction, parking lots, pedestratian plaza, footpaths using vaccum hose lifter. It has an undercarraige rubber chain which allows it to be manoevuered in rough terrain. Its compact design allows it to manoevuer through narrow space and hydraulically controlled legs allows the machine to be baanced easily. It is run by a electric motor so that noise emission can be reduced in building sites. The technical features are given below:

Crane Arm Load capacity 100kg
Length 3.0m
Swing range 360Degrees
Hydraulic pump 3 phase 400V, 0.37Kw, 210 bar max
Vaccum pump 3 phase 400V, 2.2kw,0.65 bar max
Length 2260mm
Width 1000mm
Height 2100mm
Weight 500kg

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