Vacu Lift


Vacu Lift is used to mounted as an attachment on all types of front loaders with fork carraige plates or pallet fork tines-transport and lay (upto 140 kg) kerbs, concrete slabs, washed concrete slabs , large cobbles, gutter slabs etc and retaining walls for building construction, parking lots, pedestratian plaza, footpaths using vaccum hose lifter. This ideally couples with a logistics adantages of a suitable crane. It is alternatively available with hydraulic or diesel engine drive. The technical features are given below:
Crane Arm Load capacity 140kg
Length 3.5m
Swing range 360Degrees
Work Areas/Kerbs 7.0M
Diesel Engine(Alternate Hydraulic Drive Available) 4.4kw
Length 2230mm
Width 1330mm
Height 2100mm
Weight 430kg(Diesel)/380kg(hydraulic)

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