T11 “basic” concentrates on the essential. Due to the design T11 ensures with a brilliant price-performance ratio. Solid maintainence friendly and easy operations are the remarkable attributes


  1. Clamp including tap down device
  2. Semi automatic clamp functions
  3. Hydrastatic drive
  4. Powder coated color
  5. 3 working light (2 in front-1rear)
  6. Hydraulic rotator head
  7. Work cycle counter resettable
  8. Seat with arm rest
  9. Adjustable steering column
  10. Adjustable pedal
  11. Hand grip operation/Joystick
  12. Hour counter
  13. Hour

Technical Details
Manufacturer:Lombardini, Italy
Model:LDW 903, water-cooled
Output:20 KW / 27.2 cont. hp
Displacement:1028 cmł
Tyre Details:
Standard tires:20.5 x 8 x R10
Tire pressure:4.0 bar
Filling quantities:
Fuel tank:24 L diesel
Hydraulic tank:24 L
Motor oil:2.4 L 15W40
Electrical system:12 V
Height:2.00 m
Width:1.2 m
Length:3.70 m (with 4.00 m clamp)
Total weight:1.100 kg
Total weight with clamp:1.275 kg
Boom load capacity:400 kg (incl. clamp)

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T11 paver laying Machine