T11- Basic Paver Laying machines/Interlock Laying Machines


T-11 concentrates on the essential features for economical and faster laying of paver blocks/Interlock stones on bicycle paths, driveways, parking areas, pedestrian plaza, footpaths, patios, service areas, street-city, residential and industrial, warehouses, storage areas, ports, aircraft pavements, intersections etc.It has brilliant price-performance ratios.


1)Clamp including tap down device

2)Semi automatic clamp functions

3)Hydrastatic drive

4)Powder coated color

5)3 working light (2 in front-1rear)

6)Hydraulic rotator head

7)Work cycle counter resettable

8)Seat with arm rest

9)Adjustable steering column

10)Adjustable pedal

11)Hand grip operation/Joystick

12)Hour counter


Technical Details
Engine Manufacturer: Lombardini, Italy
Model: LDW 903, water-cooled
Fuel: Diesel
Output: 20 KW / 27.2 cont. hp
Displacement: 1028 cm?
Tyre Details:
Standard tires: 20.5 x 8 x R10
Tire pressure: 4.0 bar
Filling quantities:
Fuel tank: 24 L diesel
Hydraulic tank: 24 L
Motor oil: 2.4 L 15W40
Electrical system: 12 V
Height: 2.00 m
Width: 1.2 m
Length: 3.70 m (with 4.00 m clamp)
Total weight: 1.100 kg
Total weight with clamp: 1.275 kg
Boom load capacity: 400 kg (incl. clamp)

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