Products at Optimas 

Optimas offers us the most innovative technologies for paver laying industry. It not only provides solutions for laying stones but also provides other solutions. All these are discussed in sections given below.

Soil preparation 

"Leveling of the bedding properly is half paved." An ideal layer is very important for laying paver blocks/stones. An uneven layer will result in improper base. as a result the paver blocks when laid will not result in an uniform layer and this may cause some paver to rise up. This will cause an inconvience to some people/traffic. Optimas provides three products to solve the problem. They are given below.

Mini_sandlevelling_pavers Maxiscreed_surface_pavers Plnmatic_surface_interlock

  • Paver Laying machine

  • Optimas offers us paver laying machine. This paver laying machine has an attachment which can lay 0.5 to 1sqm of paver blocks in 1 cycle. Generally the average cycle to lay paver blocks is 30seconds. This amounts to 1-2 sqm of paver blocks in 1min or 60-120 sqm of paver blocks in 1 hour. This results an increase in productivity and quality as well as decrease in costs.

H88_paver laying machine T11 interlock laying Machine

  • Paver Joint Filling devices

  • Only a completely joint filled joint is able to transmit forces from one paving stone to another and prevent the paving stone from being displaced, thus keeping the pavement elastic. Optimas provides solutions for sand filling of paver blocks and also cleaning/removing the surface after the sand has been filled in. Apart from this optimas also provides miscellaneous other tools.