Optimas and Consmech utilize innovative technology to create new machines for surface levelling, laying of interlock/paver blocks and stones, sand-filling of interlock paver stones/blocks and cleaning of paver road surface. Thus this machines can be used to lay stones for bicycle paths, driveways, patios, service roads, street-city, residential and industrial, warehouses, storage areas, ports,aircraft pavements, intersections, industrial floors. etc Also it provides machines to transport and lay kerbs, slabs and retaining wall stones/blocks upto 140kg.This helps in faster and economical civil construction.

Laying Stones/Road industry

Soil preparation

"Leveling of the bedding properly is half paved." An ideal layer is very important for laying paver blocks/stones. An uneven layer will result in improper base. as a result the paver blocks when laid will not result in an uniform layer and this may cause some paver to rise up. Optimas provides three products for faster, economical and quality levelling of surface. They are given below. Miniscreed_levellingsand Maxiscreed_surface_preparation Planmatic_sandlevelling

H88_paver_lay T11_interlocklaying