Planmatic:- The optimas-Planmatic is a screed plank for wheel-skid, steer and telescope loader. It provides a fully automatic system for realizing safe, fast and efficient screeding. Typical operational areas are constructing parking spaces, riding areas, leveling sport-tennis grounds as well as leveling hall floors.Advantages

  1. Can be attached to wheel-skid steer and telescope ladder
  2. Fast and efficient screeding
  3. Operated only by one person.
  4. Less correction works
  5. Screeding back and forwards
  6. No elaborate maintainence works
  7. Low transport system
  8. All system components combinable(laser/transverse gradient/ultrasound)
  9. Fast mounting and dismountling
  10. Ultrasound sensors records the level by ground, cord or kerbsite.

Technical Details
  • Weight-550kg to 750kg
  • Standard width 2.0m(special width 2.6m by request)
  • Cylinder stroke 280mm
  • Operating voltage 12 and 24 volt
  • Precision 0-4cm
  • Lower cutting blade changable
  • Hydraulic side flaps 30cm adjustable(in ultrasound modus fully automatic)
  • For videos, please click here