Miniscreed:Levels small area Economically and Efficiently


Miniscreed is the ideal tool to level the bedding for paver blocks/Interlock stones economically on a small area . It has an innovative modular design which caters to any width as opposed to the telescopic width. This allows for tidy levelling of sub core(sand, fine gravel etc) upto a width of 5 m. It has level track and is perfect for laying paver blocks/Interlock stones for smaller areas such as pavements, car parks, driveways, patios, petrol pump stations, parking areas ,footpaths etc . It consists of 2 flaps,5 intermediate pieces( 0.2m,0.66m,1m.1.33m,1.66m and 20m (6*3 and 2*1m)) Advantages are given below

1)Working width is variable from 250mm to 5200 mm through fast and easy connections of intermediate pieces

2)seperate height adjustable wheels on each side. Can be pulled on existing kerbs-raised or flat, gutters or Optimas rails.

3)Movable flabs provide clean and precise screeding over the edges.

4)Bottom of the rails has the same level as finished course- no joints after screeding.

5)Large capacity due to arched shape.

6)Quick, easy assembly of different length tracks.

7)Reinforced,sharpened spring steel blade.

8)Compatible for transport and storage.

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