Mini Sand-Filling Machine fills sand between paver blocks/Interlock stones


mini is used to fill sand in joints between Paver stones in a small area such as pavements, car parks, driveways, patios, petrol pump stations, parking areas ,footpaths etc. This results in completely filled joint which transmits forces from one paving stone to another and prevent the paving stone from getting displaced, thus keeping the pavement elastic.

Optimas mini consists of two rotating sets of brushes which generate a slurry of sand and water allowing joints to be filled ompletely in one go.

It is very easy to use and can fill joints which are next to walls.

During usage wheels retract to bring brushes into correct position for pushing in the sand.

Technical details
Producer Honda
Model GXV160H2
Engine Four Stroke, Single cylinder
Max-Power 4.0kw at3600rpm
Fuel Non-leaded petrol
Weight 68kg
Working width 1070mm
Depth 725mm
Transport height 544mm
Capacity per hour 200m2 and more
Water supply External hose pipe, adjustment valve

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