Manual labour versus machine labour


In this section we discuss the advantages of machine over manual labour and vice versa.


  1. Can handle tough works which cannot be performed by manual labour
  2. Cheaper when repetation of work is more or carried out over a large distance
  3. Delivers better quality of work
  4. lesser number of operators
  5. Machine is not dependant on weather conditions as compared manual labour.Hence better realistic planning can take place.
  6. Human needs such as housing, transportation etc are eliminated resulting in cost saving.
  7. results in skill development which is beneficial to labours. Labours get high salary



  1. Heavy investments is required at an initial stages.
  2. Small and short duration projects are found to be costly when machines are used.
  3. Machine will be under breakdown when labour is used. No such problem when manpower is used.
  4. Projects cannot be started till machines are available. No such problems for labour. However this can be avoided by ordering machine at an earlier stage.
  5. Disposal of equipment and balance spare parts poses a problem after completion of projects.