H88-Economical laying of paverblocks/Interlock stones, sand leveling and filling


H88is a Paver Laying Machines which can also do soil-levelling/surface preparation, sand filling and cleaning of paver surface roads.

It can lay any pattern of paver blocks/Interlock stones including Double T, Eskoo-six, Noble slab, Rectangular, square stone, Uni and uni- mammoth for bicycle paths, driveways, parking areas, pedestrian plaza, footpaths, patios, service areas, street-city, residential and industrial, warehouses, storage areas, ports, aircraft pavements, intersections etc

Some of the features are:

1)Spacious cabin with 360 degree panaromic view, adjustable steering column,

2)Ideal seat position, optional special equipment, heater, radio, comfort seat,and more.

3)Simple operation for laying paver blocks/Interlock stones with full automatic, extreme agility and independent wheel suspension for added stability.

4)Optimized work performance due to unobstructed vision and proximity to the installation point. Excellent gripping safety, quick and easy individual adjustment of paver blocks/Interlock stones.

5)Superior technology with quicker hydraulics that enable fast motion sequences.

6)The cabin embedded on a rubber buffer is quiet and vibrationless.

7)Powerful performance from a 4-cylinder engine with 25 KW (34 HP).

8)Load carrying capacity: 700 kg.

9)Modern design ...on request in your company colors.

10)Service-friendly construction: aggregates are easy to access

11)Combined fifth wheel-articulated steering . Advantage: steering movements and fast curves without side shear forces on the freshly installed paving surface (paving stones stay put).

Technical Details
Manufacturer: Lombardini, Italy
Model: LDW 1404 / 4 - cycle, water-cooled
Fuel: Diesel
Output: 25 KW / 34 cont. hp
Displacement: 1372
Tyre Details:
Standard tires: 20.5 x 8 x R10
Tire pressure: 4.0 bar
Wide tires: 20.5 x 10 x R10
Tire pressure: 3.0 bar
Filling quantities:
Fuel tank: 45 L diesel
Hydraulic tank: 46 L
Motor oil: 3.2 L 15W40
Electrical system: 12 V
Height: 2.04 m
Height without boom cover: 1.97 m
Width: 1.35 m
Width with wide tires 1.46 m
Length: 3.90 m (with 4.00 m grab)
Total weight: 1.300 kg
Total weight with grab: 1.475 kg
Boom load capacity: 700 kg (incl. grab)
For videos click here

Interlockstone laying_h88video Paverblock_h88video Flagstone_h88video Port_lay_video