Paving sites worldwide

Optimas has sold various machines worldwide. However some of the sites have been shown below

paverblock h88 Road__paver_lay
Public site promenade (Spain): square stone 20x20x6 cm (special shifting) Residencial area: small street (Optimas H88 Toro) paving rectangular 20x10x8 cm in herringbone pattern. Public site: urbanization -small street with curves laid in Uni herringbone pattern - Germany
interlock_lay paverstone_lay
Privat/Public Site: World Disney Hongkong: Laying of Spania (shifted) 3 different stones in one layer. Industrial site: Laying of SF-Stone at AWD- Football Arena Hannover Industrial site: Telecom Bratislava Laying of Behaton
Port_laying_machine Interlock_block_lay Airport_pavers
Public industrial site: harbour access with double-T. Harbour project: Panama city harbour terminal (Florida) rectangular stone (20x10x10 cm) in herringbone pattern Airport project: Sandefjord Norway, Uni-Coloc ,34000 sq.m