Concepts of Operational Management

First of all, I would like to thank all my friends and professors of Sardar Vallabhbhai National institute of Technology (SVNIT). SVNIT has been a home away from home for me, which I miss since 2008. It has taught me many positive experiences apart from making me a mechanical Engineer. The concepts of operations management have been learnt by me in Surat. I am truly grateful to them on this matter.

Operations management is a very simple yet important concept in all industry (service and manufacturing). Yet at times, it is one of the most dreaded topics for engineers. It is important for business activity as it leads to planning.
“Planning without action is a daydream; action without planning is a nightmare”
This is a Japanese proverb which can at best understand the importance of planning in any industry. With this I try to explain the concepts of

Machine Hourly cost.

When we should go for mechanisation

Machine v/s manual labour


Important supply chain parameters